Ignorance Is Bliss Songtext

Becoming Me

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Ignorance Is Bliss Songtext
You came to me one day,
When I was searching...
Searching for the right answers,
With all the wrong questions.
I felt as if I understood it all.

Then it dawned on me...
More doors had opened,
More traps were set.
It was a much dangerous world now,
Now that I know you.

For sometime now,
I have seen the many shades of you.
Understanding you to know me,
Has me confused and depressed.

I have a feeling it won't be long,
Until you get the best of me
Or what now would be the worst.

So in confidence I will say goodbye.
Wishing what I know now,
Was what I knew then.

When I wasn't looking,
You sneaked behind me
And took away my innocence.
It shouldn't have bothered me.
I wasn't your first victim,
Or your last.