Jimmy Clay Songtext
Jimmy ClaySo as you walk down the streetwho will talk to youSix o´ clock it´s getting lateThe moon is rising and the sticky dewfall´s to the ground by the gateWith your rfile on your shoulderas you walk aloneListening to the boot-heels hit the sodSmokin your cigar as you hum a songThinking of your mother and your GodNow you´re alone Jimmy ClayAs your smoke your cigar and earn your payWith 15000 soldiers marching by your sideNow you´re alone Jimmy ClayDo you remember New York Towngood old New York TownThe cops, the friends, the drunks and allThe whores who took your moneywhen you couldn´t standAll those roaring nights you can´t recallDo you remember Alice Fayegood old Alice FayeShe´s been through life at leastten times aroundAnd when she said she lovedyou well she meant it boyDo you remember the night you nearly drownedNow you´re alone Jimmy ClayAs you smoke your cigar and think of yesterdayBut yesterday don´t matter when it´s going awayNow you´re alone Jimmy ClayNow as you lie there in the mudwho will talk to youNobody, Jimmy ClayFor if you´ve gone mankind soonfollows after youDoesn´t it Jimmy ClayAnd your face will grown mouldywhen they´ve kissed your cheekAnd say please die for us, Jimmy ClayAns so you died a soldier and a hero´s deathCongratulations Jimmy ClayNow you´re alone Jimmy ClayAs you smoke your cigar and earn your paySomewhere in the distance hear a fiddle playBut not one note will change Jimmy Clay