It's Got To Be Love Songtext

Heaven And Earth

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It's Got To Be Love Songtext
You're driving me crazy
You're gonna drive me to drink
You spin me around
'til my head's in the kitchen sink
Well I don't know why I want you
Sometimes I don't think I care at all, oh no
Oh, you make me wanna tease and taunt you
But I still come running when you call

Baby let's face it
You know it's a shame
Don't know what we got
But I know it's insane
I push and pull you
It all comes to shove
You know I hate you so much,
it's gotta be love

They say fire and ice makes a hell of a mix
If opposites attract
it's a hell of a dirty trick
I'm always getting on your nerves
And I can't stand those
little things you do, oh no
No matter how many times you
and I always try to call it quits
You know I always wind up
right here with you
I know love ain't ever easy
Sometimes you gotta take it on the chin
Living in a cold war
walking out the front door
I just can't get you out from under my skin