Heaven And Earth Songtext

Heaven And Earth

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Heaven And Earth Songtext
The first time I saw you,
the stars stood still in the sky.
If only for one moment,
I saw a future in love.
Babe, I just can't forget you,
when you smile, all my cares fade to grey
It's crystal clear in this moment, I know,
I'll always be there for you girl
Passion is burning
Oh our love is showing.

And I'll move heaven and earth to be by your side
Let the stars stand still and the worlds collide
If you love me forever for all that I'm worth
Baby I'll move heaven and earth

Babe, now that I found you
I see all I've been missing in life
You bring the world to my door tonight
I'll love you forever, cause I know
Passion is burning, your love is showing.


We could be risking our hearts baby
To be forever as one
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Our love will live on and on