I Life Songtext
Slave to passion for this life everlasting / heaven after death is the truth that they masking / so I'm blasting all this contradict tough talk / anglo-saxon irrelevant con art you damn right I'm a' catch the holy ghost on this track / go get the usher - I'll push his shit back / understand that this lifetime is bigger than your petty grind in due time you'll see the jewel in this line my friend it takes time / they weave lies / it's the eyes that wreak havoc on a weak mind so speak wise cause your words hold a heavy price / just a caution of (the) divine in this I life

hook: Livin the I life cause it's my life / well I gotta get it right in this time life, the I life, cause it's my life / do or die / I gotta get it right this time

Well I invite you to take a glance into my vital / ever present mode of survival / based on recital issues that be so deep / they just as real as street / I'm twisting in my sleep cause waking life giving me creeps I'm trying to make my moves / still thinking in terms of twos / when I know "to be" will bring out the death in me / attempt to intervene in between what all it means / in hopes of living dreams in this scheme of money things... then it came to me - the bullshit of this life, of greed - and I start to see it ain't no friend of me / I'm thinking on a higher plane to fulfill desire so i can clarify a need to dispell the fire 'cause it's this lifetime and I need to get it right / God please see me through the night in this I life