(U Put The V@&!%a In The) Pon Pon Songtext

Gavin Castleton

von Fortnightshift

(U Put The V@&!%a In The) Pon Pon Songtext
Well is it politics or pressure? Measure life for nothing lesser / stressin me for what / because you know what's better? / We're talking about those in the preacher role / a student on stage with the teacher voice / and the choice of course is yours but what's the cost? / philosophies and ego trips that mean shit / you can't possibly think that reading a bunch of Michael Moore books and rehashing public enemy hooks in inspired / because you're wired off them soy chai latte drinks / ready to prove / killin the truth / neo-fascist is you / Wow - you're a vegan?! / I'm glad you're leading the troops against the troops in a campaign to keep the Bad Guys from getting paid too much / your bad guy rhetoric / sounds quite confederate / illegitimate - better yet just pass me a cigarette / Got a light? / God, I need some more advice / and I gotta stop living wrong / put more life into what you write / you need to stop with those songs.
Leave me be... to my own demise... and your words won't change my mind.

Hook: Your life, your experience ain't what's really right for me / love life for experience - maybe only then you'll see...

Brother please get off it - that "whoa is me" morbid hoopla / can't endorse it / more pissed when you force it / Got time? Don't ignore it / ever drink? ever got high? Oh, I forgot, you're that guy / don't knock mothafucka just try / you might be inclined to just live a little this time / Anti everything / pro at nothing / just because the youth follow suit doesn't mean you ain't a cufflink / authority on nothing / every generation thinks it's smarter than it's parents but it's not / it just hasn't learned you can't fit a round world into square holes, or take a whole system of thought down with action-less, unbearable, ironic rap parables / what's really ironic is you preaching hard times / it's EASY to pump those fists / EASY to sell those records sounding like this - FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK BUSHHHHHHH ETC. / Rock show politickin never did shit.