He Ain't Me Songtext
I heard tell you gotta
brand new boy.
They say you done well.
He's the real McCoy.
He's a hoot,
and cute to boot.
They all agree.
Well he might might be all that.
But honey
he ain't me.

Bet that guy's gotta line or two.
He cares and swears he's
there for you.
He thinks he's Mr. Right.
And he might be.
But he ain't right
for you,
'Cause honey he ain't me.

He ain't the one who can love you
He ain't got this heart beating in his chest.
He may be sweet. He might
be true.
And there's a girl for him,
But girl it ain't you.
I feel bad 'cause
when you break up,
Your gonna crush that boy like a Dixie cup
When you come
running back eventually.
'Cause when all is said and done
He ain't me.

when all is said and done.
He won't be the one.
That poor sad sonofagun.
ain't me.