Whiskey Lips Songtext
When I rise in the morning
She's on my mind.
'Til I hold her I won't be okay.
And I can see she's killin' me.
This love isn't blind.
Still I just can't walkaway.

She's my weakness and I give in
No matter how hard I try.
My sweet addiction 'til someday when I kiss those whiskey lips goodbye.

It was good for a while,
And she used to make me smile.
When I hurt she was always there for me.
But she ain't no good no more.
And I'm just praying for the day that I can say she finally set me free.

There are times when I'm strong,
But they never last too long.
I just can't resist when she's around
But it helps me to know
There's a place that she can't go
And I'll get there when they put me in the ground.