Chapter22 Songtext
inspired deeply by a line,my eyes up from the page
reach my hands out to touch the moon,from my old window,
as rose scent the air

standing in my rose garden,see you accross the field
i'm facing the new day's dawning ,look,the violet sky turns blue
the sea is calm and green

see how my mind melt in your world
solace always there,in your mind

*soon the clouds going to shield the moon
standing in the breeze,which comes accross the grass
take a look up at the rain comes,inhale the air ,throw our shoes away

i think i know when we meet
we came back from same dream
you were wearing the scent of love,the scent of lovely rose
we both love it so much

you know your world melt in my mind
come find yourself in my dream


lalala we're going back there, chepter22
lalala we go back there,rose lesf garden of chapter22

our real world seems so far away
real or unreal? seems so far away