Absentminded My Sugar Songtext

Luminous Orange

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Absentminded My Sugar Songtext
absentminded my sugar
like a sweet sweet mist of wine
you're the sweetest intoxicant to me
intoxicating like the shadow o DEBUSSY

absentminded my sugar
you are a solitary forlorn star
in a lazy afternoon I sat by your side and
watched you sleeping
has any ever turned you on ?
or have you already heard the siren's song ?

absentminded my sugar
my heart's slowly fallin apart
you're the sweetest intoxicant ever
I never thought I could reach your core
you remind me of my sister's drowsy cat
I want to know what those eyes are staring at

absentminded my sugar
says he likes to stare at the sun
?because each and every thing turns white,
every colour & shape in my sight.?