Burn The Angels Down Songtext


von In Blood We Trust

Burn The Angels Down Songtext
Burn the angels down, in everlasting fire
burn them into dust, into dust
burn this holy shit with this extreme heat
their calling is lost in the wind
lost in the wind

Burn them - birds of heaven
burn them - fools of god
burn them - feel the pleasure
burn finish this hunt
burn them down with all their books
make them enjoy malleus
burn them down and let them shout
burn them before they fly out

Burn the angels down, holy father cries
that he is losing sons, losing sons
suffering in flames, screaming holy names
their feathers turn into black, turn into black


Burn the angels down,
from a red sky they're falling down
with no wings try to fly , try to fly
burn down their flesh, turn them into ash
we're cleaning up the earth
cleaning up the earth