Lovesong Songtext
I wanna wanna be good
I wanna wanna be cool
I wanna lie by your side
I wanna hold you my heart
I wanna touch your white skin
give me the hand, I bought you rings
I do not mind if you are cold as ice
for you I am splitting in two

I had to go very deep
cause I want to join you in sleep
you are my silent bride
I want you to feel my inside
when I am kissing you
together we are forever
against we are making love
in passion we are drowned

I am sorry, I hurt you
you have been always the best
but you pissed me off, don't you?
I miss you anyway
I couldn't keep my anger
I realize that's bad
my shotgun was loaded
so you are seven weeks dead
you are seven weeks dead
you are dead