Boycrush Pusher Songtext

The Lollies

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Boycrush Pusher Songtext
Totally crushed out, infatuated beyond a doubt
Prettiest boy I ever saw, every time I see him wanna be around him more
Gosh, I catch him smiling every time I look
Wanna scribble his name in my notebook

Catch myself spinning reams of awful teenage poetry
A thousand different rhymes for how lovely he looks recently
Tousled blond hair blue eyes beneath
Every time he looks at me I forget how to breathe
Peter make me feel 15 years young
Peter make me feel there's still silly love songs to be sung
Prettiest boy I ever saw
Every time I see him wanna be around him more
Infatuated beyond a doubt
Totally crushed out

Stutter mutter mumble cough if I try to talk I embarrass myself
Open my mouth, there's no sound I'm finding lame excuses just to hang around
Why won't my brain behave like it ought?
He robs my mind of intelligent thought


Don't dare to dream or think what comes next
Wouldn't wanna ruin this with sex
Never get old, never get bored, never have to worry about being disloyal
Unrequited love never has to spoil