Day Job Nightmare Songtext

The Lollies

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Day Job Nightmare Songtext
Like waking up from a dream and suddenly remembering who you are
Right back on her own two feet now she's a superstar
Slipping down the garden path unfastening the gate
She checks her watch she's only running ten years late

Day-job nightmare
This sure ain't my career

She's been living someone else's lie as long as she recalls
She's forgotten how to walk on her own she's learning how to crawl
She thought that nine to five was the way to have it made
(but she knows) There's more to life than being overweight and underpaid


Run away from her city life she took the last boat to Morrocco
Never been past the Brooklyn Bridge before but it sounded exotic to go
She walked through the office with a gun and pulled it on her bosses
And told them 'In the future, you can make your own damn coffee'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Lookout, lookout, lookout!

Ooooh-oooh-ooooh (fade out)