Big Brown Box Songtext


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Big Brown Box Songtext
Someday our bodies will rest in a big brown box
and itch for heaven like the chicken pox
and float up like smoke or like fog
When we get up there
will everyone know
that we were good, happy, fortunate souls
while we were still walking down here

there's a silver lining on a dark gray cloud
if you come up here we can figure it out together
my hand in your hand
and if the only thing you recognize
is the sound of my voice in the middle of the night
then listen; I'll tell you the truth

Someday I'm gonna be older
someday I'm gonna die
someday our bodies will fall
and before then someday
I'll be your bride

Oh it's hard enough just waiting
Heaven's closer than I thought
but then again
we are still just here, hearts beating
won't do the hardest thing
go back where we were