Moved by Strings Songtext


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Moved by Strings Songtext
I'm beginning to think
that your love is a dream
that any moment I'll awake
And you'll be gone from me

though I worry
I will not fear
it's those who break hearts
that aren't worthy of my tears
because you see that no woman
deserves the kind of love that you bring
and though you're here with me
I'm afraid someday that you might leave
cause your love is a dream
Oh you're a dream

Now my mother
oh she taught me well
when she said that our hearts
are not moved by strings

though I've loved and I've lost
oh and have cried for them all
her truth has stayed with me
when she said

That no man will deserve the kind of love that you'll bring
And the one you choose won't make you cry
but lift your head up and want to sing
cause that love is a dream
oh oh you're a dream