Ambivalent Songtext
We often have to catch ambiguous expressions with dirty hands
Secrets hold no bounds, or so I've been informed
There are more skeletons in the closets that hold my clothes

Until you wake up, you will be brilliant
I am living in your trust, but I'm just a visitor
We stare at illusions of ourselves with disillusion

Sometimes all you need is faith
Sometimes all you need is fake
Every heart knows the idea of hope
Inside each of us is an innocence that's grown
Press on weak heart, press on

We know pain. We know hate.

There is this sentimental feeling that this is just getting started
I've been known to be at war with myself

I want you to know friends don't steal the show
Disguising the cloak with weak hands we hold
Certain lines we formed, farewells not our own
I want you to know
Friends don't steal the show