Speak Songtext
Dead from the start, hopeful heavy heart
Great from the start. Onward heavy heart.
Our misconceptions have become our cross
Your hands in my mind were a binary star

Don't you understand the desire to be left alone? All alone?

We could have kept out the fables
We could have left the controls
We could have left out the fables
But it wasn't enough

There are better ways for us to find this circle
This mess; we can, we can't
There are better ways to mess your face

Don't you understand the desire to be left alone? Alone. alone..
I am growing insane, losing my patience dollface,
Dollface, dollface, your pretty face

It takes more than glue and a careful hand to keep that doll in mint condition
We transferred to find our survival was contrived by nothing more than hanging vines

When all is said and done
All we beckon for is harmony
Tell me what you want
There's so much to be said, but words cannot express my dismay,
My disinterest

What are we doing?
Just what are we doing here?
What are we doing?
Make yourself clear