Ain't A Damn Thing Changed Songtext

Kleenex Girl Wonder

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Ain't A Damn Thing Changed Songtext
O why play foolish games
You know this shit ain't changed
You know I'm the same dude I've always been
You won't act the fool
Talking all this bull shit
It's the same damn attitude that drew you in
You can run up with your mouth cause it's okay
I remember all the shit that you told me
I know I know when you got a love for me
And I got a love for you
You can talk til your throat gets hoarse,
Your lips get chapped, and your tongue gets sore
I don't see what you're so worked up for
What do you want me to do?
You're running out of oxygen cause everybody's holding their breath
You take a story, run with it and tell it til you beat it to death and you still do it best cause you're easy
Well I can't take it much longer and I'm getting depressed
You escape and resist arrest
You say you're obsessed and deny you confessed
But I must admit I'm impressed you believe me
You could learn a lesson from me
Why you always messing with me
If you'd act professionally
Then things could potentially be alright
If you can't say what's on your mind
Then I can't afford to waste my time
If you want to look behind and be blind
Well, that's just fine
Let's end it tonight
You can give me every line in the book
Every tried true time just a tired old look
You can get away feeling like a small time crook
And I'll do what I want to do
And if there's nothing else to say, I'll split
Cause the fact of the matter is I ain't your bitch
Why you always giving me the bait and switch?
Girl, just tell me the truth

And now everything you ever thought you wanted only gets in the way
You run into the audience and yell at her and tell her to stay
And that's all you say cause you need her
You think it's out of your hands and you only have to wait for the next little move she'll make
Cause you're long overdue for a big mistake
and you know whose heart it will break if you leave her

Ain't a damned thing changed
KGW's the one's this game
We got it locked and ain't a damn thing changed
Ain't a damned thing changed
Ain't a damned thing changed
You try to copy but it's not the same