Amelia Songtext
I know you see me when you're out on the street
You make me feel like I just can't compete
You say you're trying but it's hard to believe
Have you ever believed in me?
I take a walk, I take a second to breathe
Any minute I'll be on my knees
Cause it's a full time job to be free
But with everything that you see
What do you want from me?
I can't take recidivism
So hit me with some criticism
Look at a rainbow through a prism
All you see is light
Ameliorate me!
Ameliorate me!

I started thinking that this must be a dream
I know nothing's ever as it seems
I've got an eagle eye for recurring themes
And that laugh was a big red flag
Now I'm thinking; staring off into space
Cause it's so hard to look at your sweet face
It's just a memory that I can't replace
Just a mark on my piebald past
Just a question that won't be asked

There's no time for hesitation
Cause I need an animation
Still you shake with trepidation
Just give me what I need

Ameliorate me!
Ameliorate me!