Yesterday Songtext
Look at her see in her the things I want to see
No matter what they be
I just want to feel this way
Don't want to hear the things they tell me
Things I should know anyway
Yesterday they said don't go away
Yesterday I said
Don't go away
But you did
I wish I could I wish I might have her this way every night
Again and again every time I sin
Lie to myself die to myself what is myself
I said it¹s time to pay
Don't go away
Yesterday I said
Don't fall away

Even now
Why do you hate me
Ask me how
You can be free

I know you want me know you need me
Want to sit around and feed me love
Look how beautiful you are
Cause what I know is wrong is right for this to be
What's going on tonight
This is my time
My time for love
And today I say
My time for love

You're so beautiful