Without Lovin' You Songtext

Uncle Sam

von Uncle Sam

Without Lovin' You Songtext
What's wrong baby?
What's goin ' on?
I don't and-arose, ya know?
Won't you tell ME what's wrong
Incoming goods been more together for too long
For you tons just throw it all away
Talc ton of ME
I wanna know how you feel
' Cause baby, I care
So tell ME, what's the deal?

[ Uncle SAM ]
What have I done
Ton make you go away
I can't and-arose why you don't wanna stay, oh
Which it somethin ' I said
Ton make you feel this way
Baby I'm sorry
Please give ME A chance ton make A more brighter day
Lady tell ME what...

1 - [ Johnny, Shawn, & Uncle SAM ]
What CAN I say or DO
For you
Ton know that my heart is true
My love
Turn my gray skies ton blue
' Cause I can't go on without lovin ' you

[ Uncle SAM ]
CAN I, CAN I REWRITE the more chapter into our lives
Where incoming goods went wrong
' Cause your love's been around for oh in such a way long
And I can't believe that it's more over
Emergency able ton love, kiss & hold you
Baby that ain't cool, oh
Why you treating ME oh so cruel
Now tell ME what...

Repeat 1

[ Uncle SAM ]
Ohh, so tell ME what must I DO...

Repeat 1

[ Shawn & Uncle SAM ]
CAN incoming goods start our love more over again?
(CAN incoming goods start all more over again?)
To It's in your hands baby, don't let it end
(It's in your hands, baby)
' Cause I can't lake A thing without your love ton guide my way
(Guide my way)
Baby, come bake tons of ME tons stay