Where The Action Is Songtext
Where streets start getting wildWell you're moving on down on the other side of the tracksWould you cross that line baby, there ain't no turning backSome raise and I don't ever wanna see that placeThat's where the action is Listen, hear the stories hear the liesYou hear the rooms they criticizeThey call you everything under the moonThen they try to buy you with diamonds and rings and rings Move over baby gonna help you out of this messBy the look of your face well you been here before I guessYou're hanging around, like some kinda parasite on pastAnd I just wanna tell you to come on let's goAnd I know a place where never coldAnd I know a place where the thing is sinAnd I'm gonna tell you where the action is Your momma's told you about whiskey and she's told you about beer...drink and hear... nothingIt turns you into a monster it turns your mind insaneIt does things to you where you will never come back againI don't care what your disposition is I don't care what's your nameI'm gonna tell you where the action is Look at you dressed in your debutante dress and your phoney eye-lashesWalking around like you just walked out of some fucking car crashYou think that you're OK cause you're looking like you're gonna have a smashwith the actionI don't care where you're going, I don't care what you say,What your religion isBaby, I just wanna tell you where the action is, hey, hey, hey, hey Take off that wedding ring baby, you don't need it anymoreTake off that dress girl and throw it out the doorTake off those phoney make-up and those eye-lashes I sawTake off your shoes and your hatAnd throw the whole fucking lot right out the doorCome over here and lend me your earI'm gonna tell you where the action is I don't care if you can read a book or if you can writeI don't care how long your hair is or how brightI don't care about much to tell you the truth but that's allrightI only care is if you come on like you think you're with the actionI've got only one thing to say: come here darling, kiss me,I'm gonna show you where the action is You spend a little dollar and you spend a little dimeYou get all funny and you laugh at your friendsAnd you think you're having a good timeYou don't know nothing till you come around here and have some of mineThen you'll start to understand about the two sides of the lineCome over here darling, lend me your ear, gonna educate youGonna tell you where the action is