When The Road Is Covered With Snow Songtext


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When The Road Is Covered With Snow Songtext
Woke up one mornin, it was kinda cold
In my room there was no room to consume the heat
Looked outside where the snow's piled high
Covered the paths of the first man's pride
But this won't last cause the sun still exists
The road symbolizes the first man's history
List achievements, far from sufferin
I will shine and stop the snow from smotherin
My pride, my blackness, my African culture
The snow gets thick, the road gets colder
The road gets harder but I hold strength of better days
The snow is here to stop me from gettin paid
But keep in mind I'm workin
The snow's gettin paid and he's steadily smirkin
As I smile cause I know somethin that he will never know
When the road is covered with snow

The snow covers me up so I won't notice the plot
Then sets me up so I seem to be in a spot
Then locks me up cause there I'm considered a slave, and
Surrounds me in a massive pavement
Now where have the days went
I seem to be cracked a little bit
From Caucus Mountain as his feet walk all over me
I get weaker until the day comes
When the sun comes shinin in and I'm ???
Slowly melt their masses, the ??? passes
When I'm the path that I once was in the beginnin
This is no sport of winter, I'm a black face
Once I enter then I'ma win
Although you come again
I fight back, black is the original
I'm not a criminal, so why do you try to penalize
I know your plan, you got the power to devour
With media turn my sweetness sour
Stand on my back in hopes that I will not grow
(What?) But I know
You will not stop me, the past a mystery
Now made history, evil's trickery
Won't blow past me, I see right through ya
Don't let them fool ya, I'm here to school ya
Teach you the past, the only way to succeed
But speed is what you need
So read up on yourself
Brothers we need to help
Instead of relyin on the government, rely on yourself
They're hidin, so canivin
Biased laws to create for the fall
Of the road you been told
They will not tell you unless you need to know
When the road is covered with snow

Now brothers comprehend what I send
Tellin you over and over and over again
I'm a witness that there is a road out there
A road that we built
(Talk that talk, brother)
And there is a force out there to cover you up and hide your pride
(Your pride)
Hide all your achievements
(All your achievements)
But look through this
Look up to the sun
(To the Father)
I'm outta here