What More Can I Say Songtext


von Two Parts Viper

What More Can I Say Songtext
Take your sweet time
Don't forget to breathe
Shake your leaves
But don't shake the tree
I see you suffering but
I don't see you laughing
We've got lovers in the war
Taking their time
And so
Take your sweet time
Don't hurry up because of me
It's all a mistake
But it's one that I will have to make
Life's too short to be in the fast lane
I thought I heard you knocking
Or was that me?

Your smile is violent
I see you but do you see me?
Take my heart
Because you can't just have a piece
All we are is all we need
I believe in you
But I don't know how much I believe in me

Even if you could just breathe inside my mouth
One more time I could feel you
I could hold you up in my mind like I saw the light
I am what I am and that's all you need to know
As I place my guts on the floor and let you see it all

I got more demons in my back than I got angels in my front
It's all I know
Was that your voice I heard or was it just an echo?
I've been stuck in the forest too long
And I can't sing about anything else
I've got memories that have never even crossed my shelf

I hope you can die with me
I hope you can breathe easy
The future is not what it seems
But I hope we've got songs to sing
After the sticks click we all explode into one
We never know what's going to happen
That's why we keep our eyes open
Such is life

Staring back at my hands terrified
We can't just close our eyes
We can't just close our minds
We take off our hands
We shake all of our feet
We got lovers in the sea that I don't know
But their dreams they can definitely sing

It's been said, "keep moving on"
I guess that's it
I've got lyrics that don't mean anything to you
But they mean so much to me
We hold out our hands
We hold all our dreams
We've got different thoughts
It doesn't make it wrong it makes it right

We can love each other
We can love each other
We can all just love each other
I swear we can love each other

We can love each other
We can grab each other's hands
Because we got songs that need to be sung
We got fights that need to be fought
The fight of peace
We can wage war against the war of hate
At least in my dreams I still believe we can