Wandering (Mabat Eineicha) Songtext


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Wandering (Mabat Eineicha) Songtext

Et reyach metar-he'aviv
shealah me'avnei-hamirtsefet,
Et manginat orot hapanasim, et agadat hakinor,
Et kochvei-hamarom shetavu
bechosi hamavreket-
Et hakol, et hakol, ezkor.

Rak eini yoda'at im hayah zeh mabat einecha,
Shehitsit bi brakim lirvavah.
Lo eda im halachti itcha ve'eleicha
Birchovot halumei ahavah.

Hayah aviv vehatschok
nistar bechol nitsan poke'a,
Uvrit dam veyain krutah,
Ulechol echad shehe-if bi mabat
mishtokek vekameha,
He'emanti shehu - atah...


the fresh smell of spring rain that
rose from the sidewalk,
street lamps and violins, tales that they tell,
the stars that plunged into my sparkling glass,
I remember these things,
I remember them well

But I cannot recall- was it really your eyes
That sparked off this thunder from heavens
I know not if it was with you, and to you
That I walked in these streets that howl of love

Spring it was
Flowering buds impregnated with laughter
An oath of blood and a wine is taken
Sworn to be true
And every stranger's glance I got
Of longing and of passion,
I believe with all my heart
That it was you