Wallo Speaks Songtext


von Lost Souls

Wallo Speaks Songtext
You know, it's crazy
You know, I had to come to the realization that we all lost souls
I been lost my whole life, you know?
Identity crisis, not knowin’ who I am
Not wantin' to accept who I am, I'm runnin’ from that
You runnin' from that, we runnin' from that
We all lost, you know
No matter if we givin' advice
No matter if we got money, no matter if we got things
No matter that if we married, no matter if we single
No matter if, it don't matter, no, no matter nothin'
We all lost out here
But we find this beautiful way to make the people to believe
The people that wе wanna impress
We try to make pеople believe through these magical ways that we try to camouflage our lostness
But I don't care who you are, you lost
I'm lost, we lost, you know?
And then we try to use words, like, "You selfish"
Just, just strong manipulation words, "You selfish"
But if I gotta die or you gotta die, you gotta die
Think about that, you gotta go before me
Self-preservation, everybody is puttin’ they self first
But, in this lost world that we in and in our lost minds
We try to make other people believe, that, if they’re selfish
Self-preservation, that they're selfish, think about that
Hidin’ behind your Instagram caption
Hidin', you know, you're hidin' your hurt
Well, at least you’re tryna hide the hurt
You tryna camouflage the hurt
You don't want no one to see that you're hurtin' inside
So you get these things 'cause you're lost
I'm lost, we lost, think about that
I don't care what you got, I don't care where you been
Until you deal with the lostness in your life
And the reality is, you might not ever be able to deal with it while we're here
But I know one thing, I'm lost
No matter how much I'm able to encourage you or motivate you
In the mornin', you could watch my stuff live, or whatever
My shit really do stink, it do, I ain't got my shit together
I'm still travelin' through life, tryna figure it out
Just like you
But guess what? I'ma tell you somethin', and it's a secret
And I might have people that's gonna go against what I'ma tell you
Because they're lost and they don't wanna embrace the reality of life
Money don't make you happy
When I got it, I was disappointed
And the reason I was disappointed, because, all my life
I was told and I was educated by the machine, the marketing machine
That once I get it, everything would just magically disappear
My trauma, my childhood pain, you know, pain
The vacancies of my childhood and my upbringing
All the struggle, everything that I been through
Everything that I'm goin' through as a grown-ass man now
As an adult, but guess what? It was a lie
Everything that I been told, the money would
When I got the money, when I signed on the dotted line
The wire hit my account, I thought I was gonna feel this excitement
I thought everything was gonna go away
Everything that ever happened to me
Everything that ever happened to my family
Everything that ever happened to my mind
And all these different ways and all the stuff that I know
And all the stuff that I was supposed to
But it didn't, that's why I'm lost, you are too, we're all lost
And the reality is, while we here, we'll never be unlost
Lost souls