Waiting Songtext
Waiting for that phone to never ring

Waiting for the words you wrote for me,

I'll never hear you sing

Waiting for that boy to never be a man

Waiting for me to believe that I don't need you here to hold my hand
I'm waiting ?

Waiting for your touch to somehow leave my skin

Waiting for the second I can forget that sarcastic grin

Waiting for my chance to have a second chance

Waiting for that precious little boy to never understand

I'm waiting . . .

But I couldn?t save you from yourself

But you didn't let me
And I couldn?t stop you from yourself

I guess it's meant to end this way?

Waiting for the time to come when I can see

The times we had you and me

Are now all just a memory

Well now I know how it feels to cry,

Now I know how it feels to die

And I . . .

I'm still waiting

I'm waiting

I'm waiting

I'm waiting . . .