Vulture and Child Songtext

Knight Errant

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Vulture and Child Songtext
Now see the thickest blanket of the world. I was covered under the ocean sand, desert sand. The tiger that belongs to time skipped me long ago, and doesn�t dissolve me anymore. But this vision of vulture and child never vanishes from my eyes.

Black is my skin, black is my soul
Black is my faith, black are my hopes
Black is my life, black will be my death
Black is my nation, black is my name

Like a hopeless runaway in paranoia
From the beast that is inside your face.
Like a dreamless world as your imagination
Needs to be shouted in shame:
Vulture and child!

Black is your mind, black is your heart,
Black is your blood, black is your god.
Black is your justice, black are your rules,
Black is your capital, black is your empire.

Like a saint who prays for peace,
And cries in silence for the icon
That says it�s too late.
Like the wisdom says there ain�t a way to the past
�and keep your souls, they won�t excuse:
The vulture and child!

Every night and day the same nightmare: me the same vulture, and the same black child screams with his eyes. Every night and day� the same�


Black is my soul, but your heart!
Black is my skin, but your blood!
Black is my nation, but your empire!
Black is my name, but your god!

As a victim of your glory
Don�t forget your betrayal,
�cause never will
The vulture and child!

This vision of vulture and child never vanishes from my eyes.