Until I'm Back Songtext

Solar Fake

von Frontiers

Until I'm Back Songtext
The hush in my nerves is killing
The damage remains outside
And again silence has seized the reign

The center of concentration
Is spinning around too fast
If the ground is shaking, will it break?

Can you suffer the pain
Listening to words when they all mean the same

Can you fall into their trap
While you're inside their cone of light

Was it a wrong reaction
Was it the other door
Was it you keeping me off the track

Creeping through dripping venom
Taking a toxic breath
Answering hatred with a kiss

Can you walk on the blade
Are you afraid, are there bounds in your head

Can you jump on the train
Getting you out of the line of fire

I'm still not lost within the maze you've built around myself
I stand between the opened gates, just one step away

I've found you in the tragedies you've staged a long time ago
Racked with guilt, consumed by pain, just a step away