Traitor Songtext
Don't come crying back to me when it all blows up in your face
Cus you killed our friendship when you turned your back on me
I can't count the times, i've proven my loyalty
All the times I've stood by your side, no matter what
we've been through fire and ice, but yet you choose to turn against me
And drive your knife straight in to my fucking spine
There is no fucking excuse, for what you've done
You sold me out, stabbed me in the back and left me to die
I fucking trusted you, with my life
But now the tables turned, you can run, but you cant hide
Backstabbing motherfuckerThis will never be forgiven
I fucking trusted you with my lifeNow my blood is on your hands, traitor!
You can wipe my blood of your hands and act like nothing,
but what you did, will always remain strong in my mind
Cuz this fatal choice you made, crushed everything good between us
There is nothing left, but burning hatred