Too Late To Change Songtext


von Violent By Nature

Too Late To Change Songtext
[Intro solo: Skowron]
[Solo: Lykins]

Sometime at an early age a strange call beckoned you
It urged you on to selfishness and told you what to do
It taught you the word trust was just a tool that you could use
To manipulate your target make them do what you would choose
And still the call kept haunting you as you raced toward the end
You went through life with blinders on, no chance to make a friend
The call that you had answered is the one that's known as greed
It's tempting lure of empty wealth is one few fail to heed

Too late to change. Too late to change.
Just like a lemming you're blind to your fate
You fail to question until it's too late
Too late to change. Too late to change.
Driven by something you don't understand
Your lack of comassion is killing our land

It made you poison once clear rivers, raze forests to the ground
So you cut your expenses at the expense of those around
You did not care your every touch brought sickness to the land
The only green you care bout is the kind that you can spend
Somehow after all this time you make it to the end
And stare into that darkest void that longs to be your friend
But something deep inside of you resists the need to quit
You realize that only emptiness resides within the pit

[Repeat chorus]
[Solo: Skowron]
[Solo: Lykins]

You realize the harm you've done and what could yet come true
The crimes that you've committed and what you still can do
The goals you once held dearly now seem very strange
Your new found care for mankind shows it's not too late to change