Too drunk to fuck Songtext


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Too drunk to fuck Songtext
On the party met you, I`ve never seen you before.

Got drunk, had fun, both looking to score.

I took your hand and led you upstairs.

So kissin` wildly, and I got scared

because I started to wonder if I might be too drunk to fuck.

Went to a room, we were alone.

Told me you were hot, wanted to get it on.

Laying on the bed, we took our clothes off.

Kissin` me overall, the room turned around,

and then I started praying to god that I wouldn`t be too drunk to fuck.

Right in front of me, you werde laying down,

and you took my hands, whispering Come on!
When I started to puke, I knew I`d have too much.

Never seen you again, near the closet woke up.

That was the moment when I could be sure that I had been too drunk to fuck.