Till I Die Songtext

Ken Car$on

von Project X

Till I Die Songtext
(Outtatown but we never outta money)

You already knew what it was
You already know what it is
Now she wanna fuck 'cause I'm up
Now she wanna fuck 'cause I'm lit
I told you, we get high as fuck
I got your bitch off a G6
She fallin' for me and you fallin' for her
I fuck on these bitches, I can't fall in love, yeah
I fuck on these bitches, I can't fall in love
I don't fuck with these niggas, I give 'em a mug
They askin' me, "Why?" I gave 'em a shrug
He claimin' he gang but that boy a dub
Talk down on my name, we sendin' 'em slugs
I rock Helmut Lang, I'm swaggin' it up
I fucked on your main, she don't give a fuck about it
These niggas just talk, they ain't 'bout it
They be slippin', they ain't really slidin'
They just in the car, they ain't really riding
I swear, everything I do exotic
I swear, everything I do, these niggas know 'bout it
I go to the bank, I make a deposit
He broke and he stank, yeah, he ain't nobody
I can't remember shit, I was off molly
I'm rollin', I'm rollin', I can't feel my body
These bitches be ho-ing, these bitches be sloppy
For me, yeah, she goin', she empty your pockets
You bought her Chanel and I bought her some Takis
You bought her a bag, I bought her some chips
Either way it go, your bitch gettin' flipped
You still in here, she let me fuck off the rip
FN Five-seveN came with a grip
If it's a problem, shoot him in his lip
Raf Simons shirt, check out my drip
Your bitch a flirt, fuck her and then dip
I don't want her, I want a zip
Shoutout my plug, he get a tip
These niggas be scrubs, these niggas ain't built
They ain't nothin' like us, these niggas ain't real
If it go down, we know you gon' spill
I'm pourin' up lean, I'm crackin' the seal
I'm rollin' up weed, you know I got pills
You ain't high as me, lil' boy need to chill
I get so high, I cannot feel
I want me a B, I want me some Ms
I'm talkin' 'bout the bills, I'm talkin' 'bout the mills
You procrastinate and I go for the kill
Anything I want I get it for real
I work in this shit like a nine-to-five
I ain't goin' broke as long as I'm alive
Bitch, I'ma be chasin' the racks 'til I die
Fuck it, I'm flippin' these packs 'til I die
Fuck it, I'm breakin' her back 'til I die
Fuck it, I'm countin' these racks 'til I die
Let it stack 'til I die, let that shit multiply
Ayy, yeah