This Is America Songtext

Veronica Voden

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This Is America Songtext
This is America, Rica, Rica (repeat) We're in America, Rica, Rica. Look what we've done to her, to her, to her.

Stanza 1
I know America. Rica, Rica, lives here somewhere. Inside America, Rica, Rica there is a heart there that beats so fast it might cave in underneath the feet of me. Men who come from foreign sand and now walk this land. Now walk this land.

Stanza 2
She's in America, Rica, Rica, and she lives on this land. But in America Rica, Rica she is judged by her skin. A skin that has a history deep within her ancestry. An inconvenience she can't treat. Now what's the pot cooking? Now what's the pot cooking?

Now don't you fray me. Don't you betray me. Don't you thrill me. You just might kill me. You jut might kill me. You just might kill me. You just might kill me.

Chorus 2
This is America, Rica, Rica. look what we've done to her. To her. To her. This is America, Rica, Rica, she's got nowhere to turn.