This Alone Songtext
Turn your face to the moon;
Let me see you that way.
And the way you appear to me now you'd think the moon would hide for shame.
And though there is fire inside there's a peace I have never known
As if all of the earth holds her breath underneath the weight of snow.
I'm watching you watch the water, wondering why with every deep happiness there's some kind of pain.
And these last days I've let so much of me away;
But you will always be a mystery to me.
I know that nothing touches you;
Nothing has or ever will.
Like that moon you're high and far away;
Hold my heart - This alone is heaven.
But it's more than I can hide.
And the way I feel for you now is something I don't understand;
Because sometimes, you know, even I feel so old
But you make me feel like I'm just being born.
You make me smile;
You make me know myself;
You make me feel like I'm someone else.
And I'll hold you here in the back of my mind and I'll let you go now;
I'm letting you go.
And the night rolls over us with no hesitation.
There's so much life in me now,
Keep me here.
Hold back time - keep me here;
Keep me here.

If we were alone on this earth,
Or even away from here,
It would be easy to let myself go;
And God knows I want to.