They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let's Eat! Songtext


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They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let's Eat! Songtext
Four thousand years and its come to this
Four hummus-spewing idiots
Dodging airborne bottles, spit and flying fists...
Which mostly missed
So don't hijack us for your politics
We're not heroes or heretics
We're just here to get some kicks
So drop the hate and raise your drinks

We're jokers in the war on prejudice
Crusades and blood libel myths
Inquisitions, Nazis, Stalinists, Neo-Nazi lunatics
We're holding out the truth to the revisionists
And laughing in the faces of conspiracists
Cause if we ran the world would we have time for this
Oh lech lehizdayen you pricks

This is not a call to arms
This is a celebration
We should be dead by now so we've exceeded expectations
We've seen so many rise and fall taken so many beatings
While you were empire building we were sitting back and eating (x2)

We struggle just so we can eat
But we will never know defeat
Tradition in our veins runs strong
Our grandmothers know all our songs
We got no children got no wives
Our parents' guilt we have survived
And so for us please do not cry
We're having the time of our lives

Chorus (x2)