There's No Cure For Rabies Songtext

I've Made Too Much Pasta

von How To Drive A Bus

There's No Cure For Rabies Songtext
Twisting and fighting and sometimes
I’m biting, I’m giving you rabies outside of
A mall. Howling and foaming and I’ve got
Double vision. One glass of water and I’ll surely drown

I’m sorry, but I don’t think there’s a cure

Can’t reach the pedals, can’t see past the
Dashboard. I’m looking so angry while driving a bus. I’m not as messed up as you might think I am. I’m drinking kombucha and celery juice

I’m sorry, but there’s no cure for

Botulism, (laughter). Oh ... you're serious ?

There’s no cure for rabies. My dog’s speaking to me reminding me nothing I do will work out!
Mom is an albatross. Dad is the TV
The mice took the kitchen, wе’ve nowhere to go and I’m making a salad at 3 in thе morning cuz I’ve lost control of my life

Huffing and barking, we’ll never find parking
How could they do this? They know we have cars
I’ve made too much salad, does anyone want some? Who do you think that you think that
You are?