The Sun Always Shines On Christmas Songtext

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The Sun Always Shines On Christmas Songtext
Can't remember a December when the skies opened up
and left a blanket everywhere
but ash just ain't the same and the trees could use some rain.
Lucky your house was spared. Someone must like you up there.

Well, the sun always shines on Christmas in California.
Got a lover and he's lovin' her.
Got a Nazi for a governor.
Get me out of here...
Well, the color of the leaves in Los Angeles goes from green to green and back.
I think it would be strange to watch seasons change.
Sometimes I just lose track. Sometimes the sunshine goes black.

Cooler heads will prevail but they're crazy from the heat.
It's hot enough to see your own breath. Blinded by an actor and the idiot factor to a fate that's far worse than death.
Deaf dumb and dumb.
Deaf dumb and dumber.
I hate the Golden State. No more endless Summer.
Gimme a zamboni caravan that stretches from here to forever. T
he A/C done broke and here comes the joke:
Did I mention that I'm cool & clever?