The Love Song [#] Songtext

The Au Pairs

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The Love Song [#] Songtext
A touch a glance it's a slow dance, it's a classified romance
Purpose, lust and charm, dance to an old refrain
(I love you)

Mutual attachment, semi detachment
Rinse out the dream, in the washing machine
Take out the ring, two fates sealed - negotiated a business deal -
Is this true romance? Champagne bubbles
Going flat, gone flat
Will you dine with me tonight
Will you dance and hold me tight
Send me an orchid on Valentine's day
What more need you to say,
Will you be my wife, be mine
Honor and obey, be mine
Drink some more white wine, be mine
Think it over one day, be mine
I love you (touch glance, it's a romance)
"The Love Song [#]" as written by Peter Jeremy Davis, Blazing Squad, Richard Frederick Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Caan Kemal Woods
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