The Journal Songtext
I'm back with my bullshit
I don't give a fuck
I let a nigga know I'm all clean
Without a gun life is fun
Probably with sun
I get my shine on this Earth
The rat trace was hard enough to see
What cats were left from the last race
I'm hungry so I keep it moving
Don't take me for a joke
Life is hard enough to smell
When you basically are just broke
So pass it with your left hand
Smoke it like it's Friday
Doing 95 on the highway like fucking ticket
Your game is not compatible
You're dropping double ditches
We address the truth with a stamp to check my mail
They ain't acting right
I swear my situation got me turned up
I spill up the hard work and the talent
Pushing mountains that you never thought to move
That's a damn lie
My watch got a missing stone
That's real talk
You're kidding me?
Your future is looking shot like a Kennedy

But who I am ?So don't be confused
We're gonna do what's necessary just to change the rules
Like a mommy in the game where they ...the food
Flawless truth,I wouldn't call it news
Choosing life like a museum is a work of art
Battle ready,what they think I'll lose
Like I was joined apart?
I beg your pardon?
I will show you a part
I'll cut you in half with a razor sharp
My poetry is done
I'm focused on my legend
But my week is wasted climbing on deep questions
Now my proceed is trying to split the beat
Cause no one was successful before me
Like I was ready to endure speed
Ready for war,I'm a general
You say you survived Vegas strip
Oh,a homie medal
I'll take the jacket coat
Into my existence but I'm conscious when you ...smoke
Who are we to turn to?
You know who's laying ,they're dying trying to burn you
Dirty like the warms we return to
With a sniper and a vision in the jungle