The Disposer Supreme Songtext


von Curse And Chapter

The Disposer Supreme Songtext
Bleeding eyes witness this evil extreme - the last Antichrist, the Disposer Supreme...
That fateful day this wretch was born - when, hand on heart, the blood vow was sworn
I curse and damn, I loathe and I rue, the moment I became fate's pawn
Pleading for an amnesty, an end to this Hell
They warned all those damned with me, they warned those who fell
"Lest evil slay thee before thy time is due - take to thy heels, begone!
Flee from thy doom"
To his lair - stalk him there, where no mere earthly mortal should dare
To his lair, snare him there
Do not fail me, words assailed me, fear impaled me
The dreadful words were all I heard, my duty stirred, as...
Capricious wind, once desolate, in soft and sullen moans
Now soared towards crescendos to render flesh from bones
Bloody vultures scheming, screaming, circled overhead
Macabre dance, refrains perchance, unheard by living men - who'd never dream again
Corpse strewn wastelands, reeking with the stench of desecration
A vile display of death, decay, despair and desolation
Hideous limp marionettes, flaunting ruptured flesh
A smile of sin, distorted in a repulsive mangled mess - in an orgy of excess

Harpies devour - casting the battleworn into the void
Spiralling down - meeting our twilight with embittered sword
Soldiers recoil - the sweat and the blood of the folly of war
Into the pit - carrion filling the Earth's abattoir
Can't you hear my soul is calling - save me from this world of pain
Can't you see the soldiers falling - never to return
The Disposer Supreme is the ultimate destruction machine

The slap of grim reality restored my sensibility
Fresh opened eyes had paralysed this clown quest for nobility
Therefore hence, with newfound sense, I turned my tail and fled
Better living coward, than a hero brave - and dead
Let others die instead...