The Calling Songtext
A day in my youth like the end of a dream
The start of a nightmare, or so it would seem

I had all the answers, or so I believed
I chased my tomorrows and I was deceived

Then I heard them calling out my name
Calling out to me time and again
My typical life in the town with no name
My rebel heart has brought me to the flame

He sent his disciples to search out my soul
I heard all their words and surrendered it whole

They showed me his secrets they told me his plan
With believers like me he'd be making his stand

Can you hear them calling out my name
Calling out to me time and again
His evil my vision, his violence my creed
I sow his corruptions fulfill his needs

For so many years I have walked in his way
Till the torch from the sister showed me the way
I learned then the truth I needed to see
But my soul was still captive and not to be free

I'll not escape him he still owns my soul
But I know now the truth and it has made me whole
I run from his horror, I'll never retreat
The truth gave me strength, the strength that I need

I run from his horror, I hide in the night
His evil still haunts me I search for the light

I'll flee him forever, though I'll never escape
My deeds reward for mistakes I have made

I still hear them calling out my name
Voices haunting me time and again
Surrender unto me and walk my way
Never will my heart be burnt by his flame