Telematics Songtext

Aria Novos

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Telematics Songtext
We used to ask, now we just wash it down
It's following us back to the start
It's dancing straight to the back of our heads
where the numbers don't add to anything substantial

I tried my best to understand,
the way she moved her hands
The look she gave, with no words to say,
nothing conveyed, where is your faith?
So hard we tried to connect, signals were lost
What was your intent with your two step talk?

It's so hard to see the silver lining your cheeks
There's answers hidden in idle words beneath the sheets

Don't you get it?
We place the blame
We erase what never stays
We were so high, we brushed it aside

We learn to speak when no one's there listening
We learn to breathe when there's no light for us to see