Sweet Child Songtext

DC The Don

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Sweet Child Songtext
I guess it's somebody else (Oh)

You gotta know, just take my word for it
Gotta save the day for it
No it’s another way for it, aye (Yeah)
You gotta know, just take my word for it
Gotta save the day for it
No it's another way for it, aye (Go!)

Double sworded fish!
Got done demons on my ass it got me pissed
Family got me sad and I rolled up my fist, aye
Rocking the stunner crowd, salamander on my wrist, aye
Leaving your soul in style, [?] meet my dick-
See 2020 we out on that same shit (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Double hollows put him in the matrix
When we walk in your party it's dangerous-
Let’s Go!, actually (Yeah) I want you back to me (Whoa)
Harrass me, whoa (Fuck)
Harrass me, whoa (Let's go)
Harrass me
[?] Like a crack baby