Swamp Song Songtext
Oh ramblings a nervous reaction
In certain situations and factions
I want to hold my ground
So I don't let them get me down

I'm trying not to open my mouth
Cause only senseless words come out
I want to keep my cool

So I don't feel like a feel
Ooh I'd like to know you
But how can I approach you
My feet don't move an inch
Cause my feet are frozen in

Oh shyness is a waste of time
A couple more drinks and then I'll alright
I just got to swallow my pride
And let things fall things fall naturally
And I'm feeling like my heads on backwards
I need to break from impersonal chatter

Same party, different day
It doesn't matter anyway
Because the beat beat beat is what I've found

I got to stop self degradation
No no that's not not what I need
It's giving me an inflammation of my
My soul it needs to breath

I want to be different and indifferent
Sometimes I feel like I'm living on Mars
I go the distance but it don't seem very far

And I'm sitting here in the dark
My eyes are open
But I don't see any stars in the sky
Emotional pollution is why

I get that feeling my my
When all I want to be
Confident and carefree