Street Politics Songtext


von Uno Uno

Street Politics Songtext
Sykes, Sykes
You know, you know

Feds blew off my door for a mad ting, sad ting, talk about intent supply (Uh)
Have you ever sat down in a courtroom, look at life and Marj ain't cry? Ayy
Me, I spent time on basic, phonin' bro, tryna keep my head, aye (You know)
I said 'Bug don't listen enough, he just slide an' let corn fly (Whoosh)
How many times we go there, do it? Thing in the ride tryna make 'em go through it (You know)
Them man had their chance but blew it, knew it, would've hurt more if you threw it (Uh)
New smoke, bro, let's go through it
It could've been the end, the ting never jammed (Uh-uh)
Ride-out's ain't planned, then 'Bug still pay, now opps get blamed

My bro been in jail for ten year straight
He still kept the link (Free up, free up)
Alarm bells on Feltnham, 9AM, it's a early shift (Brrr)
Spontaneous glides
Didn't catch an M but we nearly did (Turn)
They see it's lit (Turn)
It really coulda been a 30 wreck (Told me turn, ayy)
Concrete jungle
Us young niggas earnt respect (Told me turn, 'eah)
Stepped on opps, now my stylist scheme down my turtleneck (Turn, turn, turn)
My young boy went and burnt an opp
Came to the block then he burnt that 'ped (S-s-s-suh)
But he put too much petty
I swear he nearly burnt down the rec'

Nokia, E, that was O for Ian
How all now I got sauna steam?
Back then, man done it with a sawn-off one, now main opps see us with a G17
Tryna stay clean, but I'm playing a dirty game (Dirty)
'Fore I've been bounced for raisains, that was on a dirty 'caine (Bu'j)
Bust my kettle and chain
Grown, now I might cop me a Plain Jane
VS1 can't hide this pain
Hit up A same way (Yo)
Make sure your boots are laced (Lace it)
Don't step if it ain't for K (No)
One pop, we'll put it on a spray, now I'm checking the news all day

Yo, don't slip when I'm outside 'tacking
Thing on my hip, of course I'm not lacking (Uh-uh)
Yeah, the other side bruck, they're slacking
Real bad men, I forev' be stacking, ayy
Come a long way from trappin'
Now I'm in the studio, full time rapping (Uh)
If she ain't ten I ain't tapping
Slow down miss, why you always love snapping?
[?] had to hop that trade, now it's up in OT flying packs, no plane, playing
Gas said I'm way too veng, got hunnids on me, throw bands, let it rain (You know)
D-tup, I still pop champagne, when court get buss it's us they blame (Uh, uh, uh)
Pedal bike gliding, on the other side watch them toolies saying (Yo, one)

Old Bailey, eight weeks, I reminisce occasionally (One)
I'm feeling like the CPS hate me, luckily I know that my brownster's facety (One)
One of these feds wanna cage me (Turn), breakfast pack on A wing (Told me turn, one)
We'll hit the strip, serving out the 80s, intent to supply, now we serve re pastries
Yo, pastries, baguettes (Suh)
Water, riolettes
Six 'peds got me this country flat on let
German dingers
Gang got' step correct (Rrrr)
No connect four, wanna call for the fourceconnects (Gang)

Came out of jail an' abused that microwave and fork (Whip it)
Go to war, two different fours
We can go long or short (Short or long)
Dot-dot go "Boom-bow"
Loud like the 6.3 exhaust (Nyow)
Load that 'matic, do it gently, better not stuff that corn (Stuff it)
How much waps been bought? (How many?)
Round that up, coulda went a jewlers' (Hmm)
Fifth corn's enormous, beat it, he's defo falling (Drop it)
All year I just gave out orders, like "Go there with a four in the corner"
Work that boy in front of his bredrins, now they got' deal with trauma (Huh)