Stereotypes Songtext


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Stereotypes Songtext
sample: you know what, you what the facts is

The stereotypical, hypocritical
Life in the literal sense but in general
Can't run from the stereotypes & the critics
Just 'cause I'm me, they consider me a misfit
I could see if I was out causeing mischief
But, I'm not, so what's the reason for this shit?
I got my hoody on & it's pitch dark on the way to the store
What I'm gettin' sweated for?
I can't get down witcha stereotypes, uh huh, ya dig?
Cause you can call a cop a pig
An' think that all blondes are dumb
but what does it matter, really?
Whether you believe in this lifestyle or the hereafter
Fearin' ya superior, wrong or right
Do you let misconception run yo life?
Do you add on to the drama & hype?
Do you? And if so stick to ya own 'cause ya not my type...

Stereotypes, they're everywhere
They really ain't fair, most people don't care
Stereotypes, from a glance to a stare
Take a chance don't be scared...
TCQ sample: "(yeah, whoever ya are)"

The life of an MC usually involves several stereotypes
for instance, me;
I chase women, smoke weed, drink a bit, talk shit,
I'm always lit; certain habits I have I'll never quit
My culture is vulgar, I constantly spit
Derogatory ????? I have to admit
I'm stereotypical wit' it and articulate
Played a sucka for a bit then decided to quit
I'm on some next shit now, burnin' stereotypes
Like marijuana in pipes
you care to honor ya stripes