Square Pegs (I Know Its Off) Songtext

Vacant Andys

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Square Pegs (I Know Its Off) Songtext
I picked up some things
At the thrift store today
Was an anklet, a box,
And a picture frame.
It cost me less than two bucks
At the flea market booth
Spent the change on some candy
Satisfied my sweet tooth.

The frame encased
A picture of us
The smile on your face
Really is a plus
The stain on your shirt
From when we shamelessly fell
You pushed me around
But it didn't hurt, no, it didn't hurt

Bought the box to collect
All the things that I have
Place my heart in the centre
Try to heal up the scabs
But I've been unsuccessful
And I continue to bleed
Maybe I'm holding on too tight
But I dont want to concede

And I'm showing you too much
Of what you dont want to see
Because I want to adore you
But you want to be free.
So I look in the box
To see what i have
It was just a moment, baby
Or a fleeting fad?

The anklet was purchased
As a gift for you
Bought out of habit
But I know it wont do
I dont think you'd take it
Not the way things have changed
But I cannot return it
Or make an exchange
So I'll store it away
Maybe you'll want it someday
I'll give it to you then
Things are better that way
Things are better that way

They say we fit like square pegs in round holes, but I don't know.
I always kinda liked that show, Square Pegs.

I'd rise my eyes my little prized conscience
Can you feel the rise of the hair on the back of your necktie?
Put this ring onto your finger
Remember you're true when you bring her
Hopefully we'll get this quick
Done fast, be kissed, and go.
That's where I will sing stupid songs
And I want to bring my guitar along
We'll just, come on baby, we're meant to be, you and I
And I'll write a thing at which I'll say it wrong
Hey look what I found, came in the dusty paper
It came for you and I am game
Lets take these two tickets and it's great
It wasn't made of barroom napkins
Rip it all away, it happens
And realize how much better before you gone and died
And I'll emendate the Constitution
Just for you and I know you'll use it
Civilize, I'll free you out
Come on, it'll be so much fun
And I swear, oh baby, it hurts this way
And I wont let my plans get in the way
And I'll be the better old bridge that saves the day
But in the end I know you'll always stay the same, playing the game