Split Up Songtext


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Split Up Songtext
So much courage
But it felt so good
Just to get everything that I wanted
Where'd you fall from
Was it far, are you scared
That you'll never get back to the top

I never wanted to be you
You showed me the cracks in everything
Face down in the bathroom
Then you ask, am I still proud of you?

Reality's watching
I'm starting to split up
Got punched in the gut
When you could've just shut up
Isn't that embarrassing?

I never wanted to need you
Live long enough and you'll die from anything
That shit's gonna kill you
But who am I to tell you what to do
I just wanna be something
And feel enough to know what's wrong with me
Meet me in the bathroom
Wanna know if I'm still proud of you

It's just been on my mind
It's been on my mind